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Vacation Second Homes

The decision to purchase a vacation home in the San Diego area allows you to enjoy the beautiful weather conditions at different times of the year. When you decide that you do not want to rent out the space or you want to maintain the property as a vacation home, you want to keep the property in good condition.

At Wood Property Management, we offer a concierge service to keep your property in good condition between visits to the area. Whether you are a member of the military and you must move due to a transfer or you want to purchase and maintain a property for vacation purposes, we help you with your goals.

Our concierge service focuses on caring for your empty home and property when you are out of town or staying in a different property. We make sure your gas, electricity and water continues working while you are not available. We also maintain any vehicles you keep on the property and we follow your standards for the space when you are in a different home. Our team has experience with large and high-quality properties and we understand the factors that may harm your property without proper maintenance.

Concierge Service